Dairy Farmers’ Field Day: Embu County

By Nancy Omolo

The farmers field day took place at Esther Njogu Ngariama’s farm in Mukangu Village, Manyatta sub-County, Embu County on the 16 June 2016. The event was organized by ECLOF Kenya, a microfinance institution and its partners Sustainet EA, Shedwin Agribusiness Consultants and Superior Highland Dairy. This project is funded under FICCF climate smart agriculture (CSA) initiative.

The aim of the event was to promote climate smart dairy farming which facilitates farmers to improve herd quality and increase milk yield per cow. It also encourages farmers to shift towards zero grazing; promotes low emission feed production and nutrition; weather information to inform the farmer on fodder planting and bulking, water harvesting, loan finances for purchasing animal, farming inputs and assets.

Farmers had the opportunity to witness dairy farming at its best and learn from those who are leading in dairy production. More importantly, this opportunity sought to enable farmers to bench-mark and develop interest and ultimately push them to “seriously” engage in dairy farming as an income generating activity.

On farm, consultants from Sustainet EA led farmers through a series of demonstration plots established earlier during the year. The demonstration plots consisted of various essential and alternative protein fodder crops vital in dairy farming and more importantly in milk production.