Climate Smart Agriculture Learning Papers

csalearningpapersFinance Innovation for Climate Change Fund (FICCF) promoted the commercialization of climate resilient commodities in Kenya through a first-of-its kind pilot intervention to on-lend international climate finance to Kenyan smallholder farmers engaged in sorghum, cassava, dairy and indigenous chicken. Climate change studies show that the high production areas where FICCF focuses its efforts are increasingly shrinking as ASALs continue to expand due to temperature rise, necessitating agricultural transformation.

FICCF’s £2 million pilot is one of the very few known examples of climate financing invested into resilient, subsistent value chains through existing MFIs to promote the transition to commercially oriented climate smart agriculture. Combining financial inclusion with a climate/weather lens and increased market linkages is at the heart of the innovation. Climate action is considered a pivot point to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; the FICCF climate smart agriculture intervention contributed to 12 of the 17 SDGs. Based on pro-poor innovation, the financial inclusion mechanism has reached over 4000 low-end Kenyan farmers in the past two years.

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FICCF has compiled lessons learned over the past five years across nine papers.

  1. CSA Overview 
  2. Finance for CSA
  3. Climate Information Services
  4. Capacity Development by FICCF
  5. Insurance to De-risk Agriculture Production
  6. Dairy Value Chain
  7. Indigenous Chicken Value Chain
  8. Cassava Value Chain
  9. Sorghum Value Chain