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Nairobi, Kenya, November, 30th 2017: Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) have signed a five year agreement worth 400 million SEK (US $48 million) to fund the Renewable Energy, Adaptation and Climate Change Technology sub-Saharan Africa (REACT SSA) window.

“During my travels in rural Kenya I have seen how important it is for households, especially for women and girls, to get access to basic electricity. These systems are often based on solar cells that decrease indoor air pollution and lower the cost for poor households as it substitutes kerosene,” said the Swedish Ambassador, Anna Jardfelt Melvin, on signing the five-year agreement.

A new form of financing is being used by communities to prioritise and plan investments for helping them adapt to climate change. The fund set up by County Governments bring together vulnerable communities and technical officers from the county governments to make decisions on how the fund will be used.

Goats bleating near a dry water pan, failed crops, and women walking for long distances with their donkey in search of water is the sight that welcomes you when you visit Mtito wa Ndei in Makueni. This situation is made worse by poor, unpredictable and unreliable rainfalls coupled with increased human activities that have led to the drying of springs, streams and rivers across the county.