County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs): Review of Climate Change Mainstreaming

A review was undertaken of how climate change was mainstreamed in the County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) of Kenya’s 47 County Governments. This review contributed to the development of recommendations of how to improve the mainstreaming of climate change in the 2017 CIDPs. This is particularly relevant with the enactment of the Climate Change Act, 2016, which requires that County Governments mainstream climate change actions and interventions in the their CIDPs (Section 19). This report shows that there is a readiness and an experience to build on to improve the integration of climate change in their new CIDPs.

This report first provides definitions and background on climate change, and then sets out an analysis of climate-relevant sectors, recognizing that climate change is a cross-cutting that that impacts on various sectors that are discussed in CIDPs. The report then reviews the climate change impacts identified in the 47 CIDPs, and identifies mitigation and adaptation priorities. The final section provides recommendations to improve mainstreaming in the 2017 CIDPs.